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What is that in your mouth?

By Kathryn Koch | March 8, 2010

Bro. Brian Koch preached a moving message about the Lord tries the reins of the heart. He guides us, pulls back on the reins and sometimes just lets us have the lead.

I love horseback riding and it has been many years since I was on my horse. I have ridden retired race horses, old geldings, spirited quarter horses, and my favorite… a Tennessee walker (like being in a rocking chair!)

Tack is what you use to ride a horse. It is the equipment (saddle, pad, halter, etc.) One particularly important piece is the bridle and reins. You slip the mouthpiece or bit into the horse’s mouth and up over the ears with the bridle and the reins are attached. You buckle it around the neck. This is how you really communicate with the horse. Depending on what style of riding will determine how you use the reins in turning. The way you use the reins will directly communicate with the horse because they run down into his most sensitive area of his body…the mouth…in which lies the bit. Now if you have a gentle horse, you use a small metal bit that won’t hurt when you pull to stop but if you have a racehorse, well, you better wear gloves and be strong if you 100 mg cialis want to stop! They need a strong bit in their mouth.

Bits can look like torture tools…rings, chains, leather. I wonder what kind of bit does the Lord have in your mouth?

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One Response to “What is that in your mouth?”

  1. Gabriel Says:
    March 9th, 2010 at 12:29 am

    I think you would be a race horse mom. When you get going whom ever wants to slow you down better have his gloves on. lol

    I love you Mom



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