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Desperation is a Powerful Emotion!

By Kathryn Koch | September 8, 2009

Rev. Shane Koch preached a powerful message on being desperate for God. We don’t casually come into this life of a Christian. No! We are born again and enter into warfare. We need to be passionate about our faith. Passionate about the truth. That is what sets us free. I remember feeling so free from the world’s belief system which is not much of a belief system. It is more “loosey goosey” and “anything goes” belief. I lacked security and once I met Jesus and He straightened me out, my footing became sure. I knew right from wrong. Everything was clear. Peace entered my life.

Pastor Brian Koch announced the installation of Bro. Shane Koch into the position of Pastor of the Rock. The church prayed for Bro. Shane and Sis. Jessica as they fulfill the call of God in their life.

Bro. Jedediah and Sis. Nicole will be starting outreach in Greenfield with Bible studies.

Please pray for these wonderful young men and women as they work to bring in the harvest. God is with them.

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