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Work It Out!

By Kathryn Koch | August 16, 2009

Sunday evening powered by the engine of the Holy Ghost reminds us to work out our own personal salvation with fear and trembling as stated in Philippians 2:12. We need to forgive those forgotten memories of hurt and trauma that have occurred over our lifetime. Fear and trembling need to be the cautionary emotions that lead us to peace and assurance in Jesus.

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One Response to “Work It Out!”

  1. Sis. Kathryn Koch Says:
    August 17th, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Pastor Koch's message was great. I loved when he said, "some of you have learned to forget but not to forgive." We have never looked at it that way. It made us realize how easy it is to trick ourselves into thinking we have dealt with the problems. Yet, we leave the door open for bitterness to consume us. Thank God for the truth and the power of his word. Mama Koch we are loving your blogs. We can't wait for Wednesday! 🙂 Love you
    Shane and Jessica Koch


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