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It’s HOT in Here!

By Kathryn Koch | August 12, 2009

by Sis. Kathryn Koch
It must be about 85 degrees in here but Bro. Frank led testimonies with fire. It is the Holy Ghost burning in us and it should be evident in our lives. Pastor is at work but the church is being led by the Holy Ghost and able young men and women.

Rev. Shane is doing an awesome job along with his beautiful young wife, Jessica, with her singing talent. Bro. Jed leads in drums and adds his wonderful tenor voice.

Bro. Caleb is thankful for nothing cuz sometimes nothing is good!

Praise God! The Ramirez family is thankful for the simple things in living for God. Sis. Carmen carries a burden for her family but she hears from God His wonderful constant assurances.

Rev. Shane begins his message with the question, “Where did the sword come from?”.

The will of God comes to your life so clear and plain and we respond “God, I want your will but I know that ain’t it!” We need to quit fleecing God and start trusting God. You think Gideon was excited that his fleece worked? He went about figuring out a plan that did not match up with the plan of God. Thank God he listened to God, reduced the army, changed the tactics and won the victory for the Lord.

Peter thought he knew the will of God and wore a sword (remember he was a fisherman!) to join into the fight for the kingdom of God but when he struck out at the armed guard he was quickly rebuked for cutting off the ear of the guard as the Lord healed the man. Jesus won the battle and Peter picked up the sword of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost and spoke to the sinners about what they needed to do to make it into the true kingdom of Heaven.

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