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The Power of Water

By Kathryn Koch | July 30, 2009

Testimony given by Bro. Jedediah Koch illustrated the need for the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus in baptism in Jesus’ name in full immersion in water. Jed went to the sink to wash off the grime of working in his garage (who knows what he is creating next?) and no water issued forth from the trusted pipes of his new home. Frustrated, he tried using towels to no avail. Once he solved the mystery (was it unpaid bills? No! Did the city shut off the water? No. Did the gardener do something he shouldn’t have? Yes.) he was so thankful for the cleansing power of the water combined with soap that he realized it is the same with baptism. The sin stains cannot be washed away with anything else but the blood of Jesus. Going down in the water,we are buried with Him in baptism,and the name of Jesus called out over us is the power of soap, we come out whiter than snow. Thank God for the Blood!

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