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Visiting Pastor from East Valley Pentecostal Church, John Nelson, preaches for The Rock of Salinas

By Jed Koch | December 17, 2008

Pastor John and Sharon Nelson

Pastor John Nelson preaches “Gods Only Master.”

His scripture references were John 3:16 and I John 1:1. God is only mastered by one thing – His love for us. Rev. Nelson preached of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace and how great the fall was. God mingles His judgment of us with His love for us. As the judgment of God moves through His shed blood it turns into grace. God’s love is indescribable .

How do you describe a sunset to a man that’s blind; or the sound of a symphony to a deaf man? The love of God is just as indescribable and difficult to explain to those who are lost. God’s love never pauses. You could ask the great patriarchs, apostles and prophets of old if the love of God ever fails and the reply would be, “The love of God NEVER fails!”

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